WSL Top 10

Top 10 – WSL Rated Players (5+Games)

Above are the ELO ratings for all games recorded by the Winnipeg Settlers League.

This includes all League Games + June 2019 Catan National Qualifier and November 2019 Game-iToba Qualifier and the 2019 WSL championship.

Games are rated using the Elo System which is a way to rank players based on their performance and the difficulty of their opposition.


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For more information:

I have made a few adjustments to the system to factor in 4 player games:

  1. 4 player games are transformed into 6x 2 player matches
    • The winner of a 4 player game would get the equivalent 3 2 player wins (1 against each of his opponents)
    • matches between non-winners are determined by their final score
  2. Since Catan is about winning I have attached more importance to getting victories by adjusting the value of matches between non-winners and consider these only 1/4 matches.
  3. Players having played less than 5 games will be assigned a provisional rating based on their performance in these games and the strengths of their opponents.
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