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Tourney Management:

Check out my tourney manager app at:

Catan Tourney Manager App

Step 1: Register as a new user

Step 2: Add all players

Step 3: Create a Tourney with specific # of rounds

Step 4: Confirm the players in your tournament

Step 5: The app will generate a draw for you and you only need to enter results and the results will update the standings automatically


Online Play

If you are trying to find places to improve and get better online here are some resources:

Catan Universe

Pros: Best place i’ve found to play ranked catan. Available for mobile devices. Large number of users.

Cons: Sometimes very slow does not deal very well with having multiple players with different connections. Has some minor glitches. Need to pay small amount to play the basic game.

Pros: If you want to play a quick game this is where to play. Interface is better than catan universe. Free.

Cons: Doesn’t have many features like stats, data about games rankings, friends etc.. But they are working on it. Only available on desktop

Pros: Great interface. Free.

Cons: Not many players there anymore. Very difficult to get a 4 player game going.


Apps on app store:

Catan Universe

Catan Classic

Old Dos Game:

This old dos game is really great if you want to improve without being able to play with people.

  • Can play a game in 5 minutes
  • Best AI for Catan I’ve ever seen (still not great)


Catan Strategy and Tactics:

Check out my book on kindle:



Or my paperback:

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