Jean ‘Jonny Mox’ Moquin wins the 2019 Canadian Catan Championsios Pre-Qualifier!!

Aug 23,2019, Toronto, Canada

On Friday, the catan world championship program held a pre-qualifier for 2019 Catan Canadian Championship to be held Aug 24-25.

In a hotly contested event Jonny Mox from the Winnipeg Settlers League took first place by winning his last 2 games!

In his 2nd game, Jonny got off to a strong start with 4 quick DCs .(2 VPs and 2 soldiers) .

He kept on developing with the protection of the soldiers. Nice win. Ending up with 2 cities, 2 settlements, largest army , 2VPs.

In his third game, Jonny dominated again using the rare lumber plus sheep port strategy. Winning with 3 cities , 1 settlement, largest army and 1 VP.

Jonny’s really confident about his chances tomorrow.

Keys for tomorrow:

‘I’ll play my game, be nice to people… and I like my chances.’ – Jean Moquin

In addition to Jonny, two other Winnipeg Settlers League players qualified on Friday. Robert and Claude Tetrault also qualified.

This brings the total Winnipeg Settlers League players qualified for the nationals up to 6!

‘I will need good luck and dice rolls, and get to bed early’ – Claude Tetrault when asked about his chances.

Good luck everyone.






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