Catan Tourney – Champion Crowned Jessica Nguy

Congrats to today’s tourney Champion: Jessica Nguy.

She was elated after her victory:


It was very tightly contested game:

David based on his 1st place finish in the prelims opted to go 4th not seeing any great spots. Becca opted to go 3rd. Colin opted to go 1st and Jess went 2nd.

After initial placements it was anybody’s game:


Colin(white) choosing 1st opted to build on 9W/4W/4S committing to a DC strategy. Jess (red) going second took the only remaining O/W combo the 6O/10W/3L. Becca(blue) going third the 8B/5B/11L looking like a road-build strategy. David(orange)  going last opted for the balanced strategy with no Ore, planning on locking in a lumber port strategy.

Early Game:

Jess is off to a great start getting the 1st city



The great start helps Jess get an early production advantage. She uses this advantage to build up her production and reaches 4 points 1st. Meantime, Becca and David, get to 3 points + some DCs. Slow start for colin, but he’s eying the beautiful 8B/12O/3W spot. Players targeting Jess’ lumber production.


End game heats with multiple players close to winning


Jess is now at 9 points (including a VP) and very close to winning. Becca and David are engaged in the rare largest army, longest road double battle. Each player with many roads, and both players 1 soldier away from the largest army. Becca has a VP in hand nad simply required to buy another soldier win (5 settlements + 1 VP + longest road + largest army) Colin, keeps progressing cutting off Becca’s road.

Jessica finally wins a very tight game:


David finally steals the longest road to get to 8 points. He now only needs one soldier to win. This drops Becca to 6 points but she still has some chances if she can get the army plus the road. Colin keeps moving along getting to 6 points.

In the end, it’s Jess finally closing it out with a great production win (4 cities + 1 settlement + 1 VP).

A very well played final!



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