Nov 7th, Summary

It was a slow turnout on a cold Thursday in November. However, the dice were very hot for Charlie.

We had 5 players Robert Gregoire, Charles Tetrault, Jessica Nguy, Chris Peters, and Moby Christoffersen.

Game 1

1st game featured 4 Winnipeg Settlers League regulars: Robert Gregoire, Charles Tetrault Chris Peters and Jessica Nguy.


It was a very clustered board with all 3 Ore Hexes together and all 3 brick Hexes together.  This was also a very low-sheep board. Robert going 1st opted to go with a road-building strategy was unable to secure Ore on his initial placements. Jessica also ended up with a nice balanced no-Ore start with a very nice lumber port. Chris started with strong ore and took the wheat port that Charlie eyed. Charlie opted for a balanced strategy with heavy wheat but only built on 3-Ore.

Early Game

Chris was off to a good start with a quick city and cutting off charlie to access additional Wheat production for his wheat port. Jessica and Charlie had slower starts but were both able to access the critical 8-Ore Hex.

Middle Game

Charlie opted to go with a strong DC strategy while Chris and Jess continued to increase there production and Robert staking his claim for longest road which is currently held by Chris who quickly reaches 8 points.

End Game

After Chris was blocked for the rest of the game, the other players are able to catch up.  Charlie eventually secures the largest army and after a questionable Monopoly play he gets to his 9th point, but is 1 card short of victory, this allows Chris to keep longest road from Robert who could have stolen it which would have reduced Chris’s chances of winning. After a few turns where Chris was very close to winning and Robert, and Jess were also pretty close to winning if they were to steal longest road the game ends with final upgrade for Charlie. Final Score:

Charlie 10, Chris 9, Jess 7, Robert 7

Game 2

This was another strange board with 3 x 12-pip spots available (but all next to each other) and very, very scarce Ore (10,3,2 Hexes). Chris going first chose to build on an 8B/10O/5W), Charlie going second had no choice but to take the 12 pip – 9W/5W/10O spot to ensure some Ore production. Moby in 3rd position chose the only remaining decent Ore production by building 6L/4S/3O spot. This gave Jessica with very few options but having to find some kind of port strategy. She opted to build directly on the sheep port and loaded up on sheep.  This forced difficult decisions for the remaining 3 players. It was a lopsided board with multiple players not having access to wheat, lumber, and ore.

Again Chris started very strong, quickly getting a city and then quickly build gain access to lumber. Jess also had a very strong start by quickly getting additional sheep and wheat. Charlie eventually made his way to a 3:1 port which helped greatly.

In the end, it was a very tight game with all players having a chance to win. Jess won the longest road, Moby won the largest army (by buying 8 soldiers (very unlucky to not get points or monopolies), Charlie with 4 unplayed DCs and Chris having the best production and eventually reaching 8 points only needing to steal the longest road for the win.  Charlie was able to finish it off with his final city and winning with 3 cities, 1 settlement, and 3 VPs.

Final Score:

Charlie 10, Jess 9, Chris 8, Moby 7

Game 3

For the third and final board, we had a very low-wheat board (12,2,3,10). Chris built his first settlement on 10W with strong sheep production. Charlie going 4th decided to prevent Chris from getting this sheep port, thinking it was too strong. This game followed a familiar trend with Chris jumping out to a quick lead with 2 very quick cities. Jess had a bad start, being cut-off by both Charlie and Moby early on. After his quick start Chris was able to get a very large DC and largest army lead and was sitting at 7 points despite having to throw zounds of cards due to rolling 7s. Chris also had the potential to steal longest road for the win. At this point 2 things hurt Chris’ chances 1) Charles built his 5th and 6th roads to prevent the quick victory by Chris and 2) Moby started buying and playing soldiers to challenge him for the largest army.

In an interesting scenario, there were 11 soldiers played (4 by Chris, 2 by Jess, 2 by Charlie, 3 by Moby) meaning that whoever got to 5 soldiers first would clinch the largest army. As it turned out Moby had 2 soldiers in hand and had the largest army clinched as soon as he played his 5th soldier, moving him up to 7 points and dropping Chris to 6 points. So after being in the lead the entire game, Chris was suddenly out of it. It was a battle between Charlie and Moby. Moby needing 2 roads to steal the longest road and a settlement for the win. Moby had the required cards in his hands but was thwarted by Chris’ desperate Monopoly on Brick. This was very lucky for Charlie. He was able to keep his mitt-full of wheat in his hand.

In the end, it was Charlie winning with the miracle 2-point turn, settlement than pulling out the VP from the DC deck for the win.

Final Score:

Charlie 10, Moby 7, Chris 6, Jess 5


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