Sep 19 – League Summary

7 players were in attendance:

Derek Spencer, Charles Tetrault, Chris Peters, Jessica Nguy, Robert Tetrault, Larry Solomon and Moby Christoffersen.

Hot Streak continues…

Jessica, Charlie, Chris, Derek:

This game was very tough game played under stiff competition with every player having chances to win. Derek went first and had a great Wheat/Ore/Sheep spot seemed like he would be favoured to win this game. After all the placements were made it looked like everyone would have chances to win.

Jessica and Chris heavily on an 8 ore while Charlie & Derek were built on a 6 ore. There was not much wheat in the game with Jess and Charlie relying on 4 wheat hex and Chris & Derek relying on a 10 wheat.

Everyone started well especially Chris and Jess as the 8 ore was quickly built up into cities with Chris having the additional benefit of having heavy lumber production and a lumber port.

The lumber was the difference with Chris winning very easily. This continued Chris’ hot streak winning 4 of his last 5 games going back to last settlers league. (Chris beat, Derek, Annette and I twice in 2 consecutive games leading up to the Catan Nationals)

Final Score: Chris 10, Jess 7, Charlie 7, Derek 4

Larry loses for the 1st Time…

In another game. We had Robert, Larry and Jessica facing each other in a 3 player game.

Despite all of Rob & Larry’s efforts, it was Jessica winning handily delivering Larry his 1st loss.

Final Score: Jess 10; Larry 9; Robert 7

Winnipeg Settlers League another first- time winner…

Players: Chris, Charlie, Derek and Moby

This game was very tight with every player having some chance to win.

Moby started off with a commanding lead getting to 6 pts(3 cities very quickly) He was very quickly ganged targeted. This gave everyone else a chance to win.

I had some chance early on with largest army but these faded quickly as Chris stole the largest army from me at the halfway point. Chris then got possession of the longest road and was at 9 points for a very long time. Derek was also very close to winning ending up at 8 points with just needing to steal the longest road for the win. (Which he would have done had he gotten another turn)

In the end, Moby’s production was unstoppable he was at 9 points for a long time (4 cities + 1 settlement) he had so much production that he could almost not be stopped. After politely telling me that he had the win in his hand when I was trying to trade with him, he avoided the 7 winning with the rare: no-VP/no-largest-army/no-longest-road win (4 cities + 2 settlements)

Final Score: Moby 10, Chris 9; Derek 8; Charlie 8

The slump ends…

Players: Rob, Derek, Moby

After a few ‘assertive’ discussions that I could hear from the next board over it was a nice victory by Derek Spencer over Robert and Moby.

Final Score: Derek 10; Robert 9; Moby 5

11s for the win…

Players: Charlie, Larry, Jess, Chris

Initial placements

Larry having to select 1st took a great Wheat-Wheat-Ore spot which looked really good on paper but ended up not working as well as expected as he was able to double also get the best sheep production. Chris Opting for a desperate heavy lumber  + wood port strategy.  Jess was going for a wheat port strategy as she was shut out of Ore. However, this went out the window when Larry’s second placement shut her out of the wheat port. Myself, going fourth was able to build a well-balanced strategy with decent amounts of all resources and access to a 3:1 port.

Quickstarts for everyone except Jessica… meant that it would be a battle for the largest army and longest road.

Despite Jessica’s slow start, she was able to trade very effectively and get into the game and eventually grabbing longest-road. In the meantime, I was in a battle with Moby to get the largest army, as we were both buying many DCs. (enabled through a few critical 11s at the right time. Chris meanwhile was building up his production and lumber port strategy.

I ended up winning largest army which was the deciding factor. Winning on the final turn by playing a monopoly and building 4 roads to steal the longest road:

Charlie- White; Jess – Red; Chris-Blue; Larry-Orange

Final Score: Charlie – 10; Chris – 6; Jess – 5; Larry – 4







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