2019 Winnipeg Settlers League Championship – Playoffs


All players will be eligible to enter the 2019 Winnipeg Settlers League Championships. Everyone is welcome and will have a chance to win the championships regardless of their prior standings. Anyone can enter even if they have not participated prior.

Playoff Format:

Pre-Playoff Rankings:

All games played prior to November will be used to determine final regular-season rankings as per this site’s Rankings page:


Round 1 (November)

We will use our November Winnipeg Settlers League Event to determine the finalists (1-4) (5-8) etc.

Points will be reset with some small advantages for regular-season performance:

  1. Placement choices in games will be determined by regular-season ranking (ie. top-ranked player will be able to select if he wants to go 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th and the second-ranked player will be able to decide where he wants to select and so on…)
  2. 3rd tie-breaker will be regular-season standings.

Final rankings to determine finalists will be based on November results as follows:

  1. wins
  2. points
  3. regular-season standings

League Championship Finals 2019 – December

Top 4 players will compete in a best of 3 finals competition with scoring as follows:

  1. wins
  2. points
  3. playoff ranking (as per November session ranking)





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