Aug 20th Settlers League Summary


After almost cancelling we ended up having a fun night of Catan with 6 players:

Newcomers Moby Christoffersen & Larry Solomon, Charlie, Annette, Robert Gregoire and Claude.

We ended playing 2 rounds of 3 player games:

Larry 2-for-2 in first career Winnipeg settlers league appearance.

Round 1:

Game 1:

It was myself, Larry and Claude. After the initial placements… I was not very happy with myself.  I ended up placing such that I was not collecting sheep or wood. Additionally, I was totally dependent on the 11s and 6s. Larry and Claude both had strong initial placements with Larry having a nice Sheep Port.

Despite the terrible setup… I was lucky and (many 11s and 6s rolled , not many 8s ) I ended in the lead going into the endgame after playing a big Monopoly on Ore which allowed me to get an upgrade and buy 3 DCs.

Claude was trying to win with the longest road and a last-ditch effort to steal the army.

Larry just progressed steadily, and finally was able to win with 3 cities, 3 settlements and 3 VPs.

Congrats on the win!  Very well played.

Final Score:

Larry: 10; Charlie: 9, Claude: 7

Game 2:

Although I was not a participant in this one it looked like a classic Robert Gregoire win with many, many roads.

Congrats on the win Robert!

Final Score:

Robert: 10; Moby 7; Annette 6


Round 2:

For round 2 after a random draw, the winners switched tables:

Game 1:

It was now Myself, Robert and Claude.

I had a much better setup this time. But was forced into trying to play road-building strategy which I am not very comfortable executing.

Robert had a very slow start in this game. Myself, I had a very fast start quickly building to 4 settlements and was doing well. Claude also had a very strong start but started taking over in the middle game, due to being the only player producing significant amounts of Ore.

He stole longest road and was at 9 points when Robert and I were both showing 4 points.

This is when I activated my army and started attacking Claude and blocking his Ore at the same time I was trading brick and lumber to Robert to help him steal the road from Claude (and buying DCs in the meantime). At this point I knew I had a chance. I kept buying DCs and they kept getting VPs.  I soon had 3 VPs and was at 8 points (5 on the board and 3 VPs) all I needed to do was secure the army and I’d have the win.

This is exactly what I did. Winning by flipping over my 3rd soldier.

Final Score:

Charlie: 10; Robert 6; Claude 7

Game 2:

This was a game involving the two newcomers Larry and Moby. Based on post-game interviews it sounds like it was a bitterly contested match between Moby & Larry, with Larry dominating from the start.

Congrats Larry! 2-for-2.

A very big Thank You to Larry & Moby for coming out tonight.









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