July 24th Summary

9 Players attend July 24th League night

On a beautiful Winnipeg summer night we were able to hold our 8th monthly Winnipeg Settlers League night. It was a nice mixture:

Dave Beauchamp, Charles Tetrault, Chris Peters, Annette Tetrault, Derek Spencer, Claude Tetrault, Michael Hofer, Tyler Osadick, Robert Gregoire.


Some of the highlights of the night were:

  1. The return to form of Claude Tetrault and Derek Spencer
  2. Chris Peters 1st win
  3. 1st ever 5 player Catan night games


1st Ever 5 player Catan League Night games goes to Derek Spencer

Players: Derek, Dave, Chris, Charlie, Micheal

After strong starts by both Derek and Chris it was clearly evident early on that there was no stopping Derek in this one. Halfway through the game Derek was at 8 points and everyone else was at 4 or 5 points. Despite crazy last-ditch efforts to help Dave steal the longest road to extend the game the inevitable victory was sealed when Derek was able to steal the longest road on his last turn for the win.

Final Score :

Derek 10 (green), Dave 5 (brown), Mike 7(blue), Chris 8 (white), Charlie 5 (orange)



Claude wins to end his slump

In the other first-round game we had:

Claude (blue), Tyler (white), Annette (red), Robert (orange)

This game was hard fought with all players having opportunities for the win with Claude finally winning with the 4 cities and largest army.

Final Score : Claude 10, Tyler 8, Annette 8, Robert 6



Chris Peters wins the 2nd ever 5 player game

Similar to the first 5 player game it was again a battle between Chris and Derek, with Chris coming out on top.


Chris (orange), Claude (brown), Mike (white), Annette (blue), Derek (green)


Some of the highlights in this one:

  1. Chris wins with the longest road 2 cities and 4 settlements
  2. Derek ends with 9 points and 5 unplayed soldiers
  3. Claude unable to progress as hoped
  4. Mike picks up 2 VPs on his last turn to finish at 8 points
  5. Annette ends at 8 points with steady progress and no VPs

Final Score: Chris 10, Derek 9, Annette 8, Mike 8, Claude 6


Robert Sets an all-time record with most roads built before settlement at 12!


Tyler(white), Charlie (red), Robert (orange), Dave (blue)

Early Game:

After some good placements… Dave was in really good shape only require a couple rolls for the early city. However, an early 7 and being robbed set him back significantly. Despite this, early on it looked like Tyler and Dave had good chances of winning. Tyler hoping to get quick settlements and eventually get longest road and Dave getting quick cities and largest army.


Middle Game:

Robert’s ability to build roads is put to good use as he ends up basically securing longest road, despite being behind in production. This puts a damper on Tyler’s plans to get longest road making dave the favourite.


End Game:

With all players having good chances to win, the race for largest army was the deciding factor with all players in the hunt. Finally it was charlie winning largest army and the game.  Finishing the game with a YOP and city for the win. 3 cities + settlement + VP + largest army.

Final Score:

Charlie (red) 10; Robert (orange) 8; Tyler(white) 7; Dave (blue) 7



Late Night game won by Claude:

No summary for this one. Claude winning his 2nd game of the night (looks like a lot of 3s rolled:

Final Score: Claude red (10); Robert (blue) 7; Tyler (white) 7; Chris (orange) 6

last game

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