June 19th Summary

Another great turnout!

Despite a few gameday cancellations, we again had a great turnout with 9 players:

Derek Spencer, Claude Tetrault, Jessica Nguy, Jesse Claeys, Charles Tetrault, Michael Hofer, Tyler Osadick, Charles Tetrault and Melissa Lu.

It was great to see so many new faces with 5 new players.

Congratulations to first-time winners!

In all we had 5 first-time winners:

Annette Tetrault, Michael Hofer, Jessica Nguy, Melissa Lu and Tyler Osadick.

Tournament Hangovers for Claude & Derek:

After performing extremely well in the June 9th Catan Qualifier we saw poor performances by both Claude Tetrault & Derek Spencer. Neither recording a win on the night. Although Derek was robbed of a win in his last game as he had the win in his hand but was thwarted by the 7. This allowed me to sneak in for the win in that game.

Amazing performances by 1st-time league participants: Jessica Nguy and Tyler Osadick.

Special congratulations to Jessica Nguy and Tyler Osadick who had great performances on Wednesday.

Jessica won 1/3 games but could have easily won all three. In her first game, she had a commanding lead until the other players conspired to help Annette get longest-road which eventually helped Annette get her first career settlers league win.

In the third game:  Jessica was at 8 points and played a monopoly which made her 1 card short of the win. She built a city and bought the final development card but it was not a point. Very well done Jessica!

Tyler Osadick also had a great night winning 2 of the 4 games that he played and winning them handily. Great performance Tyler!

In total 8 games were played:

June 19 results



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