Derek Spencer wins the 2019 Winnipeg Catan National Qualifier

Congratulations to Derek Spencer for winning the 2019 Winnipeg National Qualifier.

It was a hard fought final…

Early Game

After a strong early start,  Duane Falk was in the lead after making some nice early trades with Derek to get 2 quick upgrades. Derek Spencer was in close-second after a few nice trades with Duane to get brick that he did not collect. This helped him get the much-coveted lumber port that would serve him very well for the rest of the game. Paul Dueck and Rick Hiebert slightly behind after a few unfortunate 7s at the wrong time.

Middle Game

The game continued to progress quickly, with Duane building up quickly to 6 pts. Derek a little further behind at 4 pts but with 3 development cards. Rick and Paul continuing to plug along.

End Game

The game was progressing along fairly equally. At this point,  Duane had 7 pts on the board. Derek at 4 pts plus 3 DCs and a very powerful lumber port. Rick was at 6 points after getting longest road and Paul was also at 6 points with his largest army.

That’s when Derek played a ‘Monopoly’ Card on brick (which he was not built upon). This allowed him to challenge for the longest road, at the same time help him build another 2 settlements and get to 6 points with another 2 DCs unplayed on the board.

Soon after Duane was 8 points with 4 cities, but having trouble getting additional points without roads.

Derek was clearly in the lead and the other players ensured that the longest road would stay out of Derek’s hands. This allowed time for Rick and Paul to get into contention. Rick built his first city after having to scrounge ore over many turns to get it. And Paul continued to buy DCs to ensure that he held on to the largest army.

But in the end.. Derek’s lumber port could not be stopped.

Final Score: Derek Spencer 10, Duane Falk 8, Paul Dueck 8, Rick Hiebert 8

Thank you all! It was a very entertaining final.IMG_0059


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