May 9th Settlers League Summary

Great Night to play Catan in Winnipeg

May 9th was our best turnout ever as we had 9 people participating. We had 2 full boards and ended up playing 3 rounds! 6 games total

Round 1: Game 1

We had a new player participating in her first career settlers league game this Annette Tetrault and she held her own. But when it came down to Dave Beauchamp prevailed after a strong start. Final score: Dave 10, Annette 9 , Chris Peters 8 and Robert Gregoire with 5. 



Round 1: Game 2

We had another first-time player in this one. This was an extremely hard fought battle. All players having chances to win at some point in the game. With Derek finally winning it by playing his 6th soldier to steal largest army from myself. Very-well executed DC strategy with port.  The back-to-back monopolies did not hurt either.


See above all the cards used up by Derek with his 2:1 sheep port monopoly call.(below)IMG_1035

The nice port-DC strat…


Round 2: Game 1:

After being rattled by Derek in my first game I was ready for another game. I was also armed with some fantastic new knowledge about not picking top or bottom cards when stealing cards from another player. Dan Piche played a very strong game but could not quite pull it off as I won by getting back to back rolls a 3 and an 8 when Dan had the win in his hand.

Starting positions below:

Red – Charlie, Dan – White, Orange- Robert, Blue – Claude


Round 2: Game 2

After arriving in a hurry from his daughter’s play. Robert Tetrault was ready to play some settlers. He came out flying and started off with a large lead. After a well-timed monopoly, it was now a runaway victory (Robert Tetrault -10, Derek 5, Chris Peters – 4, Dave – 4) 

Rob as orange ended up running away with it.


Round 3: Game 1

Dan and I were both off to very strong starts but once I got my sheep production ramped up with my sheep port I was off to the races. The final blow delivered by building 4 roads and stealing longest road.

See below (Sheep…. plus ports)


Round 3: Game 2

Chris was off to a great start with an early lead. However, the 6-ore spot became a robber magnet. Chris was headed for victory however Robert who was lagging behind stole his longest road. This opened the door for Dave and Derek who battled it out. Derek finally winning with another back-to-back monopoly maneuver. 

Chris(orange) and Derek (Black) battling it out… Very nice wood port for Derek.




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