Settler’s League Night Recap – April 17, 2019

Summary for Settlers of Catan Evening April 17th – 2018 – Winnipeg, 564 De La Morenie


Robert Gregoire, Charles Tetrault, Derek Spencer & Dave Beauchamp. It was a fun night to play Catan.

Game 1 Summary:

I apologize no pictures for this one.


We had a brick/wood-scarce board and decisions had to be made.

Charlie went first and tried to execute a balanced strategy. However, he ended without brick. Derek when second went all-in on ore and sheep and this was then complemented with all wheat and sheep 2nd placement for an all-out DC strategy. Dave was able to get a great balanced setup but without much ore.  Robert ‘Wildcard’ Gregoire went with a port strategy heavy on brick and lumber with eyes towards the lumber port.

Early Game:

Derek went with the full-out DC strategy, with all sheep, wheat and ore production.

It was an even start with Derek off to a quick lead with 2 cities. As for the others, Charlie was lagging behind with only 3 settlements and Robert and Dave quickly built up to 4 settlements lacking some ore production. It quickly turned into a tale of 2 battles: Robert and Dave battling for longest road and Charlie and Derek battling for largest army.

Middle Game:

Derek quickly became the heavy favourite to get largest army and win with 2 cities and 5 un-played development cards. Charlie was still lagging with 3 settlements and 4 un-played DCs still had an outside shot if he could somehow get largest army. Robert now had longest army and Dave was farthest ahead in production with 1 city and 3 settlements.

Despite various attempts to slow down Derek he was able to finally get hid next settlement for a lot of ore. He was the clear favourite going into the end game.

End Game: 4 VPS for the win!!

Despite Dave and Robert’s battle for longest road and Charlie being able to somehow get largest army, it became evident that there was no way to stop Derek. He finally won convincingly . Final Score Derek 10 (with 4 VPs), Charlie 7(largest army), Robert 6 (with longest road), Dave 5(despite the best production.

Game 2 Summary:

After going through the process of writing these summaries, I realized there were many similarities with the first game.


This time it was a wheat scarce board.

Robert ‘Wildcard’ Gregoire went first and decided it may be time to try an unconventional strategy and built directly on the brick port (with 8 brick and 10 wheat) he then loaded on brick and added Ore for his second spot. Charlie went second and chose a W/S/O spot for a potential DC strategy, ending up with limited options on the second spot.  Derek going third ended with a great setup getting a good supply of all 5 resources. Dave was also able to execute on a beautiful setup also having all 5 resources.

Early Game:

Derek got off to a quick start and was the first to 4 settlements however this ended up hurting him in the long run as he ended being blocked for most of the game.

Robert and Dave also had decent starts with Charlie clearly in last place building his first road after Dave had 5 points on the board.

Middle Game:

Like the first game Dave and Robert duked it out for longest road and after Derek’s fast start he quickly fell behind. At this point Dave was clearly the favourite with 6 points + 2 unplayed DCS. Robert and Charlie in decent position, Robert having longest road and 6 points and Charlie slowly catching up to get to 5 points.

End Game:

The end game was all about the longest road. Robert and Dave using up all their resources to steal the longest road on their turns to prevent the other from winning. However, Dave’s production was phenomenal with Dave being able to also buy a number of DCs.  Finally Dave was 1 turn away from getting largest army having played 2 soldiers and having another un-played.

However, this battle for longest road had allowed Charlie to catchup. With a number of fortunate rolls he was finally able to come out of nowhere and win with a City and a settlement for the win. Final score: (Charlie:10; See below:

(Dave = White, Derek = Blue, Robert = Orange, Charlie = red)

Final Board

In the process of winning Charlie cut-off Robert’s longest road awarding it to Dave putting him at 9 pts. This prompted the discussion about what would happen if this would have put Dave at 10 or 11 points who would win. The answer: You can only win on your turn, therefore you could theoretically finish with 11 points and lose:

Interesting rule

Next Winnipeg Settlers League night May 9th.

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