Settler’s League Recap March 18, 2019

After many scheduling conflicts resolved 4 players attend to play Catan in Winnipeg Settler’s League March Edition:

Robert Gregoire, David Beauchamp, Jonny Mox and Charles Tetrault.

1st Game Recap:

During board setup, Jonny Mox was first out of the gate using unsettling psychological tactics with a few classic noob questions for example: ‘I forget what does a port do does that mean I get 3 of any resource if I trade in 1 ore?’

After the initial setup, this looked like a balance setup with potential for many different winning strategies.

Initial Placements:

After dicing, the following order of play was established: Dave going 1st (Red) , Charlie (white) going 2nd, Mox(Orange) going 3rd and Robert (Blue) going 4th.

Dave chose as 1st settlement the 9O, 10 O, 5W spot ensuring a potential quick upgrade strategy. the rest of choices were pretty reasonable:

After Initial setup

Starting Position Summary:

Dave (Red) -> 16 total pips (missing brick & lumber) , with a 3:1 port (DC Strategy)

Charlie (White) -> 21 total pips (missing sheep), no ports (balanced strategy with potential trading)

Mox (Orange) -> 18 total pips (All 5 resources) , no ports

Robert (Blue) -> 20 total pips (no wheat or ore) , no ports

Early Game Summary:

Charlie got off to a quick start being the first to add an additional 2 settlements increasing his productivity advantage.

However, this was short lived after a many sevens and Charlie getting robbed consecutively and the robber finding his permanent home on the 6 lumber and his vacation residence on the 4 Ore as below. The game was pretty even at this point with Mox slowly increasing his chances of winning.

The Robbers vacation home the (4 ore)

Middle Game:

At this point, general consensus has Charlie as the front runner with Mox a close second (being the favourite to win the largest Army). Robert currently holds longest road but still only has 2 settlements. Dave is struggling as it seems the dice are incapable of producing a 9. As you can see below the robber has found his permanent residence on the 6 of Lumber to hopefully prevent Charlie from stealing the longest road.

End Game:

After a critical and controversial 11-roll As seen below)

At this point it is anybody’s game between Charlie (8 on the board, 2 roads away from longest road.) and Mox a close second (7 on the board plus a 3 unplayed DCs) . Also note: Dave and Robert making a bit of comebacks here. Dave getting back into the game by winning the largest army is now at 7 points. Robert hanging in there with longest road and getting to 6 points with the classic ‘trade to everyone on the same turn for the settlement’ maneuver.

The Finish:

After Max had played a very timely ‘Monopoly card’ on lumber he thought he was close to winning but could not pick up the missing victory from the DC Pile. Charlie finished it off on his last turn by using a ‘road-building card’ & trading 3 wheat and 3 ore for 2 bricks to be able to steal the longest road by building 4 roads on his final turn to steal the win away from Mox who had enough to get his last point was not able to play. (See below: Jonny’s Cards at the end of the game)

Jonny Mox’s finishing remaining cards!

Final Score: Charlie 10, Mox 9, Dave 8, Robert 5


Game #2 Summary

Initial Board: See below

Another well balanced board.

This time it was Charlie’s turn to go first. He choose the rare 13 pip spot (6L,5S,9O).

Next was Mox who chose the 12 pip (8W,5S,10B) spot. Robert chose the 9L,10W,2S and combined that with 6O port spot.

Choices were pretty standard except for the unconventional approach by Robert trying the ‘start on a good port’ strategy.

Final Starting Summaries

  • Charlie (White): 23 starting pips – All 5 rseources, no port
  • Mox: (Orange) : 19 starting pips – missing Ore, no port
  • Robert (Blue): 13 starting pips – Missing brick , Ore port
  • Dave (Red): 21 starting pips: missing Ore no port

Early Game

This game did not start as well as for Charlie as he was cut off from the 9 Ore by Dave Beauchamp. Despite that Charlie was able to be the first to his third settlement by adding the 8 sheep with 3:1 Port for an early lead.

Early Board, Dave cuts off charlie from the Ore.

Middle Game:

After Many timely twelves…

And twos….

We were engaged in another very tight game, with everyone in the running:

Charlie with longest road but very threatened by Mox

Robert and Max are now ahead in production
(6 points) . Rob with 3 cities and Mox with 1 city and 4 settlements. With Mox threatening for longest road seems to be the favourite at this point

Dave is struggling at 4, but still in the hunt for largest army.

Charlie is at 7 (including his tenuous hold on longest road.

The End Game: Mox’ mysterious road to nowhere.

It is now a very tight game with Charlie and Mox being the only legitimate contenders for victory. Charlie at 7 plus 3 unplayed DCs and Mox now at 8 points only needing to steal longest road for the win.

It is now mox’ turn and he needs to connect his two roads to steal longest, however he mysteriously does the classic ‘noob move: the road to nowehere’. This ended up being costly as he was one road short for the win on his next turn.

In the end Charlie won by keeping the longest road and building his 1st city:

Final Score:

  • Charlie: 10 pts (longest road + 4 settlements + 1 city + 2 VPs)
  • Mox : 8 pts (largest army + 4 settlements + 1 city)
  • Robert: 7 pts (3 cities + 1 settlement)
  • Dave: 7 pts (1 city + 3 settlements + 2 VPs)

For the 2nd time in the evening: Mox had a mitt-full of cards for the win :

2nd time in the night: Mox had the win but couldn’t play it.
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