Settlers League Round 3, Feb 13th, 2019

Despite heavy snow, record numbers participate…

On Feb 13th, we had our 3rd ever Winnipeg settler’s league night. The night was a great success with six players braving the blustering weather conditions to attend and play a fun night of Catan including 2 first-time attendees Robert Gregoire and Robert Tetrault.

1st Round – Game 1

With six players we had 2 3-player games. The first game was between Claude Tetrault, Derek Spencer, and Robert Tetrault.

Game Board Initial Setup

Derek (playing Black) chose 1st – selecting the 6W,9W,4O spot. Rob (playing white) followed up with the 8 B, 5L, 10O spot. Claude (playing blue) chose the 8B,4S,3O spot and for his second spot, he chose the 9W,6W,12S. It was later found out that Claude had actually intended to take the 6W,9W,5L spot which would have made much more sense, basically starting without lumber and only 20 pips to start. Rob took advantage of the opportunity by selecting 6W,5L,11S starting with all 5 resources and 21 pips. Derek opted to select the 8B,10L as his second spot to try to take advantage of the open side of the board starting with 20 pips but not sheep. After initial settlement the favorite was Rob.

Early Game

As predicted Rob took an early lead and was well ahead gaining a large advantage by securing longest road. It also seemed that he would easily win the largest army. This forced Claude and Derek to start trading aggressively and blocking Rob so that they could catch up.

Rob (white) in the lead, Derrek(Black) and Claude(Blue) slowly catching up.

End Game

Fast forward to the end game. After much trading between Claude and Derek. Derek has unexpectedly won a big lead in the largest army race he is at 7 points with not too many prospects for getting points fast. Now Rob is stuck at 8 points including the longest road. Despite Claude’s error in placing his second settlement, he is now in a decent position with 5 points showing, 3 unplayed DCs and threatening to steal the longest road. Derek trying to continue to add to his points trades with Claude to get another point.

Monopoly for the win… almost

A few turns later, Claude now has 4 unplayed development cards, after many, many turns of always asking: ‘what roll was that?’ and then mumbling things like: ‘that means Derek collected 3 wheat and Rob collected 2 sheep.’ Everyone is pretty certain that Claude has a monopoly card and Claude finally plays the ‘monopoly on sheep’ his intention was to steal the longest road for the win. However, after a few brief moments, he realizes he is 1 card short for the win. He is able to build a few roads and he is now 1 road short for victory.

Lumber, Schmumber, Claude Wins!

After the monopoly, Rob was not able to extend his road and Claude ends up stealing the longest road and winning without having collect lumber for the entire game. Final score: Claude: 10; Derek: 7, Robert: 6

Claude finally wins by stealing longest road

Round 1: Game 2

This second game was between Chris Peters, Charles Tetrault, and Robert Gregoire.

Initial board:

Initial Placements

Robert (red) in his 1st ever game in the Winnipeg settlers league goes first and chooses the 6L, 3B, 9W spot. Chris (blue) chooses the 6B,5O,9W spot. After all placements it looks like this:

Robert (red) starting with 20 pips but without Ore. (set up for a really nice road building strategy) Chris (blue) starting with 23 pips and all 5 resources (as good a set up as you can get) and Charles (white) with 21 pips also with all 5 resources.

Early Game:

Everyone is roughly equal with Robert in the lead with 4 points on the board but Chris and Charlie both having unplayed development cards.

Middle Game:

Now Robert is looking very good at 5 points on the board. Charlie and Chris each had 4 points but also with some unplayed DCs. However, the critical point at this time is the battle for the longest road if Robert can secure the transcontinental highway he will likely secure a victory.

End Game

After a hard fought battle, Robert has now secured the longest road he has even been able to get a city and is almost unstoppable, 1 more city for the win.

Robert wins in his 1st ever Winnipeg Settler’s League Game.

After finally building his last city for the win the game is over and Robert is victorious in his first Winnipeg Settlers League game. Final Score: Robert: 10; Charlie: 8 and Chris: 6:

Congrats to Robert on his 1st win!

Round 2:

We were down to 4 players for the 2nd round, it was Chris, Charlie, Robert Gregoire, and Derek. Time for an old-fashioned 4 player game!

Robert (white) went first chose the 6S,9W,10L spot. Charlie (blue) went second and chose the 9O,5S,10W spot. Chris(orange) was third and chose the 8L,11L,4O spot. Derrek was last and opted for a port strategy due to the lack of lumber and brick. He selected the 6S,2O sheep port and then the 8S,3B,5W spot. Chris went next and chose the 6S,3W,12B spot. Charlie chose the 6S,3B,4L spot and placed his road to towards the ore. Finally, Robert opted to ensure his lumber port by building directly on the 9W,12B lumber port. Final production numbers are as follows: Robert: 17 pips, no ore, lumber port. Charlie: 21 pips, all resources, no ports; Chris: 18 pips, all 5 resources no ports (access to nice ore port); Derrek: 17 pips, all resources, sheep port start.

Early Game:

Chris is off to a nice lead when he establishes his 3rd settlement on the ore port. Charlie is able to block Derek off from the critical 9O,2O,4L spot. Derek is in a good position to add to his sheep production

The roll that saved the game.

Everyone is still roughly equal but Chris has recently gotten a few consecutive fortunate rolls and has more cards in his hands than I can count (about 14). It is now his turn and he could potentially build another city and a settlement and establish a commanding lead. He rolls and after a few bounces it turns up 7! Derek, Charlie, and Robert all cheer as Chris must get rid of half his cards and we all feel like we still have a chance.

End Game?

After many fortunate rolls, Charlie is able to amass many development cards and decides to use a road building card to get to 5 roads. He also has 3 DCs unplayed. No one is able to steal his road and next turn Charlie calmly claims victory by turning over his third soldier and 2 VPs for the quick 1 city, 2 settlements, largest army, longest road, 2 VP win. Final Score: Charlie: 10; Chris: 7; Derek: 4; Robert: 4.

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