Settlers League Round 2, Jan 10, 2019

Players in attendance:

Chris Peters, Roger Beauchamp, Claude Tetrault, Charles Tetrault

After choosing seating positions and introductions we were ready to play catan.

Game 1 Summary:

Player order: Chris Peters (blue) – 1st ; Roger Beauchamp (white) – 2nd, Claude Tetrault (orange) – 3rd, Charles Tetrault (red) – 4th

Initial Placement:

After Charlie’s turn playing 4th

Chris being first chose the nice 6W, 9O and 3S combo, Roger playing second opted to go for the rare 13 pip 6L, 5W, 9S spot. Claude chose the 8W, 4O, 3B spot. Charles deliberated for a very long time and finally chose the spots shown above. (red) , opt to start without wheat with the intention of trading his valuable excess brick to get the cards he needs when he needs them. Roger than followed up with the 5W,4B,11L spot hoping to win without ore but with lots of production and 3:1 port. Claude followed up with the 6L, 11L, 3B spot using a balanced approach without sheep hoping he could trade for it. Chris built his second spot on the 8W, 5W, 10L spot, going for the strong wheat/ore production, quick upgrade and development strategy.

Early Game:

The biggest move early in the game Chris cutting off charlie from the 3:1 port with 6W,2O Hex, requiring Charlie to gain another source of wheat elsewhere. As the early game progressed, Chris was off to an early lead with 3 cities before anyone else was at 5 points, as a result he started getting picked on, which slowed down the progress. After post game discussions it was decided that Chris with the early lead could have bought 2 DCs rather than buy more cities to keep the robber off of him. Roger without access to Ore was somehow able to get a large lead in the largest army race, and it was to early to call a favorite for longest road. Claude was well behind.

Middle Game:

In an exciting middle game, the whole table continued to slow down Chris. But his luck started failing him not receiving cards for long periods. Roger, Claude and Charlie all started to position themselves in the longest road race. Claude began to catch up as he was receiving favorable trades from all the other players as he was not seen as threat. Some time near the end of the middle game, Charlie stole the longest road and overtook Chris as the biggest threat. Soon the other players were picking on him.

End Game:

Red cutoff in 2 places by white and blue

In order to prevent imminent victory, Roger stole longest road to ensure that Charlie would not win. by cutting him off. At this point Charlie declared himself dead, and the other players agreed that he had no chance to steal back longest road, meaning little chance to win as now Claude and Roger were both very close to winning.

The Double Trade for the Win!!

Soon after Charlie had declared himself dead, a 5 was rolled resulting in the collection of 3 brick. He was able to trade with both Chris and Claude for lumber each who believed Charlie could not steal back the longest road. This allowed Charlie to build 3 roads and steal the victory.

Red Unexpectedly steals longest road through the center

Final Score: Charlie: 10; Claude: 8; Roger: 7: Chris: 7

Game 2 Summary:

Player Order: Claude(orange) – 1st ; Charlie (red) – 2nd; Chris (blue) – 3rd; Roger (white) – 4th;

Initial Placement

Claude places his first settlement on the strong Ore/Wheat Combo

Claude starts by placing his first settlement on a strong Ore/Wheat combo. Charlie follows up with 9W, 5S, 10L spot “good ole sheep port”. Chris then selects the 8B,5B,10W spot (12pips) and Roger being last and with not many great options builds on the 5B,4L,3S spot and the 8S,10L,3O, opting to start without wheat. Chris chooses the 9W,4L,11L spot. Charlie breathes a sigh of relief and chooses the 6S,5B,11L spot to start without ore. Finally after very long deliberation.. claude decides to opt for the 6W,4W, 2L

Early Game:

The major highlight in the early game is that Charlie gets a number of fortunate rolls and ends completely wrecking Claude’s strategy by getting the 3:1 port on the 9 Ore. After an initial flurry all players quickly develop and all reach 4 points quickly with Claude lagging a bit behind but with the big lead on DCs

Middle Game:

Charlie gets the longest road at this point an starts slowly pulling ahead. Now clearly identified as the leader the other players begin to execute on strategies to slow him down, this allows the other players to catch up. Later on, Roger steals longest road and ensures that Charlie cannot have it. Claude slowly becomes Charlie’s biggest threat as he is practically guaranteed the largest army. Roger secures longest road even tighter but is not a threat to win due to his difficulty in acquiring ore and achieving upgrades. Chris is slowly catching by continuous progress.

End Game

Tight battle heading into the end game

Not much happening in the end game except that all players continue to progress and slowly it becomes a battle between Charlie and Claude. Claude who is now at 9 points is unable to expand further than his 3 cities as he no spots on the board available to build a settlement his only chance is to win by buying development cards. He buys 3 on one turn and he just needs 1 for the win. He slowly looks at them 1 by 1 and shakes his head.. none of them are points. Charlie sighs… ‘bullet dodged’ . Claude passes the dice to Charlie.

Monopoly for the Win

After having just dodged a bullet, Charlie feels like he must win on this turn or Claude will probably win next turn. He has a monopoly card to play however he is unsure for which resource to ask for. He asks for brick… Chris hands over 6 brick exactly what Charlie needed for 2 upgrades and the win… Upgrade 1: 2W and 3O; Upgrade 2 1W,1O, 2S (2:1) ; 6B (3:1)

Final Score: Charlie: 10; Claude:9; Chris: 7; Roger: 7

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