Settlers League Round 1: Dec 13, 2018


On Dec 13th, 2018 the 1st ever Winnipeg Settlers League Night was held in St. Boniface at 564 De La Morenie Street.

It was a night of fierce settlers of catan battles. Players came to play catan in two hard fought battles. Each game saw all players having chances to win the game.

Game 1

In the first game of the evening Derek Spencer came out to an early lead but was soon overtaken by Chris Taillefer who held both longest road and largest army and was the early leader at 9 points.

A little later in the game Charles Tetrault conspired to help Claude Tetrault get longest road to extend the game and prevent Chris from winning.  Now it was anybody’s game with Charles at a solid 6 points, Chris now down 7 pts and Derek also with a solid 6 points and Claude with a precarious 6 points as he was holding longest road.  As Derek reminisced about his grandfather’s scythe he played a monopoly on wheat and this put him firmly in the lead as he stole many wheat from the other players. This allowed him to start buying development cards. Sometime later he had finally played his 4th soldier and was in possession of the largest army. He was clearly in the lead now at 8 points with Charles closely in 2nd and Claude slowly creeping into contention but not a real threat at this point with 6 points. Chris was now fading after losing both longest road and largest army. With Derek and Charles clearly leading the robber kept being put on Derek and Charles slowing their progress significantly. Now Charles and Derek were at 9 points but Claude had crept into contention with 7 points showing now but with 2 DCs down. It was now Claude’s turn and he had a few very nice rolls. He managed to execute an amazing 3 for 2 trade with Derek and miraculously revealed that he had won!! Claude was the happiest he had been in 10 years and was ecstatic. 

Final Score : Claude: 10; Derek: 9; Charlie: 9; Chris: 5

Game 2:

It was now time for the second game of the evening. It seemed to follow a similar pattern as the first game. With Chris getting off to an early lead. Thirty minutes into the game Chris was at 8 points again with everyone well behind at about 4-5 points each, with Charlie progressing slowest. Chris had 4 settlements 2 victory points and largest army and 4 roads built meaning he was only 1 or 2 cards short of winning for 2-3 consecutive turns.

In order to extend the game Claude sacrificed a settlement on back to back turns to ensure that Chris did not get the quick victory. With that crisis averted Chris was still doing well but all players had some chances to win. Chris in the lead at this point with 8 points, Claude in 2nd at 7 points and Charlie at 6 points and Derek clearly in the worst position at 5 points. Fast forward 45 minutes later and the game is still not over, and it is anyone’s chance to win, Chris at a solid 9 points (+ 2 unplayed DCs) Derek at 8 Points (No DCs), Charlie at 9 Pts showing (+3 DCs ) and Claude at 9 points (+ 2 unplayed DCs) and seemingly safe longest (8 with Derek next closest at 5 points). Victory seemed imminent with so many unplayed DCs. It was now Derek’s turning and there was some sort of story about olden days and laying clay and building roads with lumber and Derek played a road-building card and build an additional 2 roads to steal the longest road from Claude and win.

Final Score: Derek: 9; Chris: 9; Charlie: 9; Claude 7

It was very fun night.

Current Standings

Next night will be Jan 10th

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